APHRODITE 168 Gold Poudre Maia with INK 4 Moon Gold Omoiyari G01 Gem APHRODITE 168 Gold White Box Calf with SIXTY-SIX MARMORINO G03 Gem APHRODITE 168 Gold Bleu Polo with SHADOW IV 24K Gold 214A G01 Gem APHRODITE 168 Gold Sienna Box Calf with PURE 3 24K and White Gold G02 Gem Previous Next APHRODITE […]


A Unique Bespoke Experience The foundation of SAUVEREIGN’s shoe collection is the classic Gem, which can be paired with SAUVEREIGN’s range of footwear. Standing apart from traditional made-to-order services, SAUVEREIGN’s personalised creations are ready to be worn instantly. PURE INK SHADOW ARCTIC INFINITY SIXTY-SIX JAZZ PURE Gold is available in 5 distinctive shades – 24-carat […]


The SAUVEREIGN heels in Pure Gold are available in five distinctive shades – 24-carat Yellow, White, Moon, Grey and Green, each with its unique hue and luminescence. Gilded in-house using Crystalline™, every step is carried out painstakingly by hand, with a single operation frequently mobilising the craftsmen for over 10 hours. With the shape of each heel, […]


THE FIRST “ATHELEGANT” FOOTWEAR COLLECTION Previous Next Alluring, artistic always, and more audacious than ever before. ALKE – a collection of luxury athelegant footwear featuring the instantly recognisable SAUVEREIGN 24-carat gold leaf heel, each made by hand in the Apennine Mountains using traditional Italian shoemaking techniques and century-old know-how. Presented with a range of customisable […]


The SAUVEREIGN Gem is an unmistakable icon of the Brand – precious and one-of-a-kind that is instantly recognisable by its artistic expressiveness. The iconic Gem is no longer only a bejewelled object of art synonymous with SAUVEREIGN stiletto heels, it has been reimagined and recasted as a treasured accessory for one’s prized accessories – a […]


Painstakingly handcrafted by hand in Surrey, England, Fox Umbrellas has been making the finest umbrellas for over 150 years, supplying to the English and Japanese Royal families. Each SAUVEREIGN umbrella is made by hand featuring signature 24-carat gold leaf head and collar pieces as well as an exclusive Liberty panel. Greyhound Pure White & Moon […]