Signature Heels

Each of SAUVEREIGN’s creations, are born with an innovative heart pulsing with 24-carat gold leaf – realised by a proprietary leafing and lacquering technique invented and performed in-house, exclusively for SAUVEREIGN.

ROYALOAK 75 White Gold Champagne Nappa
with SHADOW 24K Gold Stilbite G02 Gem

MOREA 75 24K Gold Jade Patent
with PURE Green Gold G03 Gem

BETHANY 75 White Gold Lapis Suede Ruby Patent
with INK 3 Moon Gold GB Blue G01 Gem

Nella 60 White Gold Ceylon Suede
with PURE White Gold G02 Gem

ROSELLA 35 White Gold Rhodonite Patent
with INFINITY III 24K Gold Canyon G03 Gem

MOREA 75 24K Gold White Patent
with ARCTIC White & Moon Gold Skylight G03

KERRY 6083 White Gold Amethyst Patent
with SHADOW White Gold Moroccan Blue G01 Gem

MARLENE Mesh 75 24K Gold White Calf and Mesh
with INK 3 White Gold Jasper G02 Gem

MERIDA 75 White Gold Kyoho Patent
with INK 3 24K Gold Ivory G03 Gem

ROYALOAK 75 24K Gold Black Patent
with SHADOW White Gold Persian Red G01 Gem