• APHRODITE 168 Gold Bleu Polo
    with SHADOW IV 24K Gold 214A G01 Gem

  • APHRODITE 168 Gold Sienna Box Calf
    with PURE 3 24K and White Gold G02 Gem

  • APHRODITE 168 Gold White Box Calf

  • APHRODITE 168 Gold Poudre Maia
    with INK 4 Moon Gold Omoiyari G01 Gem

APHRODITE – the ancient Greek goddess associated with love, beauty, pleasure and passion. Born to challenge the status quo, introduces discerning bag connoisseurs to a creation that takes the most exquisite elements of traditional luxury handbags to a whole new level, resurrecting progressive techniques long dismissed or forgotten and no longer seen in the industry.

APHRODITE affirms the meticulous attention to detail and superb craftsmanship that revives the dying know-how of a bygone age. Redefining handmade, APHRODITE is cut, entirely stitched and a dye-edge painted by hand. The single-piece construction of the flap and gussets, selecting only the flawless section of each skin to craft to perfection is an arduous challenge to the most experienced artisan.

  • APHRODITE 168 Gold Ruby Alligator Mississippiensis
    with INK 4 24K Gold Sacred Flame G01 Gem

The APHRODITE collection is expectedly available in an array of exquisite hides – artisanal box calf, baby calf and exotic skins – all from France’s finest tanneries. Options of two interior lining shades, made from goat skin, and the choice of gold or palladium hardware are available, too. APHRODITE will be available across three sizes – petit, moyen and grand – with the medium debuting first.

  • APHRODITE 168 Gold Box Calf with Handle

  • APHRODITE 168 Gold Box Calf with Short Strap

  • APHRODITE 168 Gold Box Calf with Long Strap

APHRODITE is not only a handbag but a shoulder and cross body bag at the time– a new yet understandable system has been fabricated to allow the handle to be changed to a shoulder strap of varied lengths, reducing cluster and allowing the expansion of future options of customisation.