Care Instructions

The gold leaf elements on all SAUVEREIGN creations are carefully protected by multiple layers of coat and/or lacquer to achieve the desired hue and luminescence. As with any precious treatments they are not unbreakable and are prone to scratches and chipping, this is not a manufacturing defect and considered normal wear and tear. Any superficial surface damages may be repaired by our expert artisans, should you wish to take advantage of this service please contact one of our boutiques.

To prevent your SAUVEREIGN objects of art from ageing prematurely and enjoy their beauty for years to come, we recommend that you observe the following:

  • Never add rubber soles to your shoes, they destroy the shoes' balance;
  • Regularly replace your heel tips before they run too low;
  • Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces;
  • Avoid humidity, rain and exposure to sources of heat or direct sunlight;
  • Keep the leather area clean and dry;
  • Should the product is wet, dry gently with a soft, neutral-coloured, absorbent, non-fluffy cloth;
  • Heels and accessories in gold leaf and/or lacquer can be cleaned with distilled water and dried as per above;
  • Store in the original SAUVEREIGN protective bags when not in use.